My Projects

current projects ~

  • EziWebs - online website creation platform. Created to be similar to Wikidot.
  • jsAPI - Javascript Library for Wikidot's XML-RPC API.
  • Wikidot Multi-PM - Javascript Bookmarklet allowing for PMs to be sent to multiple recipients
  • JSONAPI - Hosted and Open Source JSON interpreter for Wikidot's XML-RPC API.
  • Advanced Search CSI - an enhancement CSI for Wikidot's Search Module
  • Wikidot Mobile - Android App for Wikidot

WIP projects ~

  • WikiDrive - cloud storage/management for Wikidot
  • ProxyKey - safe and secure way to API!
  • MetaEditor - makes editing your Wikidot meta tags a breeze with full automation

completed projects ~

old/inactive projects ~

  • FaceDot - formally SocialMe (no longer working due to removal of hybrid modules)